Rishika Ramkay

Dr. Balwant is undeniably the most influential lecturer I have had the pleasure of being taught by.  His creative teaching methods are most effective in translating the most complex ideas into comprehensive curriculums.  Paul, as he is commonly referred to, can easily be described as an inspiring and sensational mentor that goes beyond the call of duty to ensure that his students achieve their optimum potential.  His engaging and compelling presentation skills have taught students, such as myself, by example the most effective way to communicate and deliver a presentation.  An important aspect of Paul’s character is that he is both humble and approachable.  It creates a comfortable environment for me to ask questions or participate in the frequent and enlightening class discussions that I enjoy in his classes.  In education, a few crucial elements in assisting students to achieve their maximum potential is to be able to inspire and relate to them.  Paul is, uncontestably, the ideal embodiment of such a lecturer that I aspire to become as an academic professional one day.