Rianna Hamid

Human Resource Management was my favorite course at the University of the West Indies. Dr. Balwant stood out to be one of my greatest lecturers because of his unique charisma and innovative teaching style which built my self–esteem and communication skills. He possesses excellent presentation skills via Prezi, which is a motion picture that encourages learning in a creative way. Dr. Balwant is known for making learning fun since he has a user friendly website, which made it very accessible to track our current and historical sessions.  

I remembered having informal discussions with Dr. Balwant about my passion for the art of photography and film. He was always willing to listen to my ideas and make recommendations. Even though I am a graduate and a striving entrepreneur, Dr. Balwant continues to inspire me to follow my dream by encouraging me to make investments and build my website as a form of marketing.

I can honestly say that he is driven towards ensuring the success of his students, not only does he possess great lecturing and leadership skills, he is also a devoted mentor for young entrepreneurs like myself.