Mikhala Salick

Dr. Balwant is one of, if not the best lecturer I have had during my undergraduate years. Never have I met a lecturer so intent on being progressive and dynamic in his teaching, nor have I met someone who is as determined as Dr. Balwant to ensure that his students receive the best academic resources and education that can be provided. His willingness to help and be accommodating are qualities that are so rare to find in lecturers. He is humble, creative, fun and dedicated, things which I and my peers have admired about him. In fact, I hold him with high regard, as I see him as a one-of-a-kind lecturer. Dr. Balwant does not teach at you, but he encourages you to think and learn, read and understand, do and discover. There is no ‘dumb’ student to him, just a potential leader that could he could aid in development. I am grateful to have been taught by Dr. Balwant, as his courses were an experience I would not soon forget.