Michael Barnes

One word that can be used to describe Dr Paul Balwant is dedicated. This was portrayed countless times throughout the second semester of the 2017/2018 academic year of the University of the West Indies. The course I attended was Organizational Behaviour and it was the one course in the week that I was able to enjoy whilst learning the material. Dr Balwant taught the material in a way which kept the attention of his students by using scenarios which he created to suit each respective topic – this goes to show how much time and effort he put into his work. The scenarios enabled the students to grasp the information and help them retain the work for long periods and it allowed us to always have examples available for use in our exams. Now that is what he did in general for all class students, even those who didn’t appreciate the course. For those who went the extra mile to try to achieve high grades in his class, he aided in any way he could whether it be marking and then remarking the countless drafts to the project we had to do or meeting with students to explain topics that they couldn’t fully grasp in class. He even allowed us to meet with him at his residence to go through the project in person since many persons had other commitments throughout the day which would have resulted in their not being able to meet during normal hours. There is so much more that I could say about him and his great qualities, however I will keep this brief for the sake of a testimonial.