Manisha Moonilal

To the university student, lectures typically comprise the basic listening and noting method. However, Dr. Paul Balwant’s Organizational Behavior class at The UWI, can easily be described as an experience. Attending Dr. Balwant’s class was quite refreshing as not only was it knowledge in surplus of course material and well strategized, but also the course content was structured and related in a way that encouraged class interaction. This thereby lent to an environment of shared knowledge in addition to observing and practicing the theories of Organizational Behavior in the classroom itself.

Dr. Balwant’s employment of technology in order to connect with and stimulate the minds of his students was indeed commendable. Being an audio-visual learner, his combination of in class and online sessions on ‘ScholaryNerd’ aided in better understanding and increased academic performance. This fostering of complex thinking and creativity was also channeled into the assessment portion as it allowed the student to undertake his/her own perception on a broad topic.

It must be noted that Dr. Balwant’s charisma, drive and motivation were extended outside lecture hours as he readily made himself available to assist student queries via email or office hours, depicting his willingness to go the extra mile. Undoubtedly, Dr. Paul Balwant sets the bar remarkable high for lecturers within and external to the University as his dedication to not just shaping but sparking the minds of his students is noteworthy.