Madhavi Bidhesi

I have had the distinct pleasure of attending Dr. Balwant’s Organizational Behaviour and, more recently, Human Resource Management courses. In both courses, Dr. Balwant clearly expressed the learning objectives and used innovative teaching material, scenarios, and exercises while ensuring that his students understood what was being taught. He created a comfortable and open classroom setting in which he allowed discussions and debates to flow on unclear points and also used various learning formats to appeal to all students.

During the course of conducting research for a project, Dr. Balwant was also approachable, willing and able to provide the necessary guidance and reassurance with relation the steps to be taken for the said project; not only for the recording of data,  but for the full comprehension of the information based in the real world. His politeness and professionalism were unmatched.

His strengths are that he is devoted and driven to ensuring that students leave his class with a full understanding for what he has taught. Moreover, having a lecturer as a mentor and guide at the university level brought a sense of comfort and motivation to do the best work possible.

Personally, I believe that Dr. Balwant is truly a dedicated lecturer and enjoys the job of sharing his education onto others.