Dr. Balwant is one of, if not the best lecturer I have had during my undergraduate years. Never have I met a lecturer so intent on being progressive and dynamic in his teaching, nor have I met someone who is as determined as Dr. Balwant to ensure that his students receive the best academic resources and education that can be provided. His willingness to help and be accommodating are qualities that are so rare to find in lecturers. He is humble, creative, fun and dedicated, things which I and my peers have admired about him. In fact, I hold him with high regard, as I see him as a one-of-a-kind lecturer. Dr. Balwant does not teach at you, but he encourages you to think and learn, read and understand, do and discover. There is no ‘dumb’ student to him, just a potential leader that could he could aid in development. I am grateful to have been taught by Dr. Balwant, as his courses were an experience I would not soon forget.

Mikhala Salick

Dr. Balwant is undeniably the most influential lecturer I have had the pleasure of being taught by.  His creative teaching methods are most effective in translating the most complex ideas into comprehensive curriculums.  Paul, as he is commonly referred to, can easily be described as an inspiring and sensational mentor that goes beyond the call of duty to ensure that his students achieve their optimum potential.  His engaging and compelling presentation skills have taught students, such as myself, by example the most effective way to communicate and deliver a presentation.  An important aspect of Paul’s character is that he is both humble and approachable.  It creates a comfortable environment for me to ask questions or participate in the frequent and enlightening class discussions that I enjoy in his classes.  In education, a few crucial elements in assisting students to achieve their maximum potential is to be able to inspire and relate to them.  Paul is, uncontestably, the ideal embodiment of such a lecturer that I aspire to become as an academic professional one day.

Rishika Ramkay

Dr Balwant is an exceptional mentor, providing opportunities for my personal and professional growth. As an academic mentor, being a co-supervisor on my advisory committee during my PhD course of study, he was always willing to facilitate meetings, provide constructive feedback, and offer motivational support throughout the process. For instance, he has been instrumental in ensuring that I have been consistently engaged in academic research, provided opportunities to present at seminars, and working towards publishing our work. As a workplace mentor and subject matter expert in the areas of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour, Dr Balwant continues to provide advice on innovative teaching methods, and student engagement initiatives. An immense amount of credit goes to Dr Balwant for helping me succeed in my academic pursuits.

Dr. Shalini Ramdeo

I have known Dr. Paul Balwant for approximately 10 years now, both in a professional and personal capacity. Our interactions are many-faceted and always intriguing. I have known Paul as a co-worker, a student, and a friend, and I am always impressed by his ingenuity, discipline, and passion for teaching and research. His creativity is boundless – his mind is ever searching for new and innovative methods to impart knowledge. However, it is his zest for knowledge that impresses me the most and which lends to many an interesting conversation. It is quite evident that Paul is well on his way to immense success in academia.

Pavitra Mohammed

Human Resource Management was my favorite course at the University of the West Indies. Dr. Balwant stood out to be one of my greatest lecturers because of his unique charisma and innovative teaching style which built my self–esteem and communication skills. He possesses excellent presentation skills via Prezi, which is a motion picture that encourages learning in a creative way. Dr. Balwant is known for making learning fun since he has a user friendly website, which made it very accessible to track our current and historical sessions.  

I remembered having informal discussions with Dr. Balwant about my passion for the art of photography and film. He was always willing to listen to my ideas and make recommendations. Even though I am a graduate and a striving entrepreneur, Dr. Balwant continues to inspire me to follow my dream by encouraging me to make investments and build my website as a form of marketing.

I can honestly say that he is driven towards ensuring the success of his students, not only does he possess great lecturing and leadership skills, he is also a devoted mentor for young entrepreneurs like myself.

Rianna Hamid

To the university student, lectures typically comprise the basic listening and noting method. However, Dr. Paul Balwant’s Organizational Behavior class at The UWI, can easily be described as an experience. Attending Dr. Balwant’s class was quite refreshing as not only was it knowledge in surplus of course material and well strategized, but also the course content was structured and related in a way that encouraged class interaction. This thereby lent to an environment of shared knowledge in addition to observing and practicing the theories of Organizational Behavior in the classroom itself.

Dr. Balwant’s employment of technology in order to connect with and stimulate the minds of his students was indeed commendable. Being an audio-visual learner, his combination of in class and online sessions on ‘ScholaryNerd’ aided in better understanding and increased academic performance. This fostering of complex thinking and creativity was also channeled into the assessment portion as it allowed the student to undertake his/her own perception on a broad topic.

It must be noted that Dr. Balwant’s charisma, drive and motivation were extended outside lecture hours as he readily made himself available to assist student queries via email or office hours, depicting his willingness to go the extra mile. Undoubtedly, Dr. Paul Balwant sets the bar remarkable high for lecturers within and external to the University as his dedication to not just shaping but sparking the minds of his students is noteworthy.

Manisha Moonilal

One word that can be used to describe Dr Paul Balwant is dedicated. This was portrayed countless times throughout the second semester of the 2017/2018 academic year of the University of the West Indies. The course I attended was Organizational Behaviour and it was the one course in the week that I was able to enjoy whilst learning the material. Dr Balwant taught the material in a way which kept the attention of his students by using scenarios which he created to suit each respective topic – this goes to show how much time and effort he put into his work. The scenarios enabled the students to grasp the information and help them retain the work for long periods and it allowed us to always have examples available for use in our exams. Now that is what he did in general for all class students, even those who didn’t appreciate the course. For those who went the extra mile to try to achieve high grades in his class, he aided in any way he could whether it be marking and then remarking the countless drafts to the project we had to do or meeting with students to explain topics that they couldn’t fully grasp in class. He even allowed us to meet with him at his residence to go through the project in person since many persons had other commitments throughout the day which would have resulted in their not being able to meet during normal hours. There is so much more that I could say about him and his great qualities, however I will keep this brief for the sake of a testimonial.

Michael Barnes

Dr. Paul Balwant or simply Paul (as he prefers us to call him) is easily one of my favourite lecturers that I’ve had over the course of my UWI life. Aside from being adept at explaining course material, he does a remarkable job at engaging students during class through creative examples, thought-provoking questions and his overall charisma. Paul also makes an effort to be accessible outside of class, providing support to those who need further help understanding topic areas.

Lestan Weekes

I have had the distinct pleasure of attending Dr. Balwant’s Organizational Behaviour and, more recently, Human Resource Management courses. In both courses, Dr. Balwant clearly expressed the learning objectives and used innovative teaching material, scenarios, and exercises while ensuring that his students understood what was being taught. He created a comfortable and open classroom setting in which he allowed discussions and debates to flow on unclear points and also used various learning formats to appeal to all students.

During the course of conducting research for a project, Dr. Balwant was also approachable, willing and able to provide the necessary guidance and reassurance with relation the steps to be taken for the said project; not only for the recording of data,  but for the full comprehension of the information based in the real world. His politeness and professionalism were unmatched.

His strengths are that he is devoted and driven to ensuring that students leave his class with a full understanding for what he has taught. Moreover, having a lecturer as a mentor and guide at the university level brought a sense of comfort and motivation to do the best work possible.

Personally, I believe that Dr. Balwant is truly a dedicated lecturer and enjoys the job of sharing his education onto others.

Madhavi Bidhesi