Teaching & Learning Methods

Traditional Lectures

Example of online lecture on performance management:

  1. Introduction and purposes
  2. Performance management process
  3. Sources of performance information
  4. Perceptual biases in performance management
  5. Measures of performance evaluation


Each micro-lecture is followed by a question (e.g., MCQ, forum question, essay question) to reinforce the topic in the micro-lecture. Here are a two examples of a micro lecture:Crisis Leadership Playbook

Equity Theory:

Expectancy Theory:


I use interactive magazines with videos and text. Like micro-lectures, these magazines are followed by questions to reinforce learning. Click HERE for an example of a magazine for workplace conflict.

Flipped Classroom

I used a flipped classroom for teaching master’s students. The lecture is delivered online for one hour. Then, two hours of class time is used to discuss questions that students have planned in advance

Experiential Learning

I use experiential learning throughout all of my undergraduate courses, and I am increasingly adding experiential exercises to my classes. Resources for experiential learning activities are as follows: