Separation & Retention Charades

Facilitating Students’ Presentation

Session’s Learning objective

Explain the challenges involved in separating and retaining employees.

Postgraduate Closing Activity for Separation & Retention

Please provide constructive feedback below. In your view, what worked well here, and what improvements would you suggest, if any?


4 thoughts on “Separation & Retention Charades

  1. 813006139 Sandy Joseph

    The use of this activity assisted with relating to the subject matter in an easy memorable manner. Incorporating practical fun activities such as this is a good execution method to encourage one hundred percent class participation.

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  2. Anita Ali

    Very interesting, however, traditionally I know that charades is a game where you have to “act” and not “talk,” however some of the group were speaking. Therefore, I would say that the group should have avoided speaking when they were presenting their respective acts. Another improvement that I would suggest is to make some of the acts more complicated, for e.g. the one with Beyonce was quite obvious. But overall I loved this, I really enjoyed looking at this video.

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  3. Kenvern

    Combining HR practices with theatre or real life situations in role play exercises was an effective way to summarize the topic covered. This approach also allowed for a high level of involvement by the other students. Good one!

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  4. Kevah

    I had the privilege to be a part of this exercise and it was truly engaging; even the concepts and discussions shared on this topic were unforgettable because of this activity. Playing charades with a large class size can be tough manage, I would suggest in the future to have a strong moderator to manage the cross-talk and confusion when explaining the games to allow for a seamless and more entertaining flow.
    An interesting twist to learning, especially in the classroom setting!


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