High-Performance Organizations Family Feud

Facilitating Students’ Presentation

Session’s Learning objective

Discuss the role of HRM in high-performance organizations.

Postgraduate Closing Activity for High-Performance Organizations

Having read the feedback from the Separation and Retention activity, I encouraged the team in the video below to add moderately challenging questions to their Family Feud activity. The questions were generally challenging, and encouraged the class to think deeply on topics raised in the presentation. One question could have been phrased better. In future, I will do two things: (1) ask the teams to show me their activity/activities before class so that I can assist in tightening up any questions if necessary and (2) provide templates for activities that can be created on the PC (instead of whiteboard and marker). Overall, the entire session was extremely successful.

Please provide constructive feedback below. In your view, what worked well here, and what improvements would you suggest, if any?


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