Management Instructors: Practice What You Preach

In 2014, I presented a paper describing how and why instructors need to be transformational leaders in their classroom teaching. In so doing, my co-authors and I propose a context-sensitive measure of transformational leadership specifically adapted to the unique situation of instructors in higher education institutions. Using a secondary dataset of over 2,700 students across the UK, the results of a principal component analysis and confirmatory factor analysis indicated three transformational instructor-leadership dimensions including consideration, intellectual stimulation, and path-to-goals. Each of the three dimensions was strongly related to a different learning outcome. An additional independent validation study confirmed the validity of the new measure vis-à-vis established context-independent measures and outcomes of transformational leadership. This paper extends research on both transformational leadership and transformational instructor-leadership by (a) highlighting the importance of using a context-sensitive approach, (b) examining the impact of each leadership dimension separately, and (c) investigating relationships to novel learning outcomes. Suggestions for future research and practical implications are discussed. Click the following URL to read the publication: Practice What You Preach: Instructors as Transformational Leaders in Higher Education Classrooms.

APA Reference:

Balwant, Paul T., Stephan, U., & Birdi, K. (2014). Practice what you preach: Instructors as transformational leaders in higher education classrooms. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2014(1).


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